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Rocks thrown at a minibus full of Hungarian students in Calais – UPDATE

Rocks thrown at a minibus full of Hungarian students in Calais – UPDATE

According to, rocks and pieces of concrete were thrown at the minibus transporting the team of the Kandó Kálmán Vocational High School of Kecskemét in Calais. The Hungarian Embassy offered its help to the passengers. The teachers and the head master will decide whether or not to report the case.

The driver told the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that, when they left the freeway and started towards the ferry dock of Calais, he noticed a concrete obstacle in the middle of the road. Then, 8-10 men started running towards them, while throwing rocks at the minibus. The rear window of the car was broken, but nobody got injured. When they reached the ferry, they informed the border guards about the case.

The team was on its way to London to participate in a vocational competition. They’d rather choose a different route on the way back home.

Fina Aristic


The illegal tent camp where thousands of immigrants gathered and waited to somehow get to England was in Calais. The jungle was eliminated last October, but several immigrants stayed in the neighbourhood and are still waiting for truck drivers willing to smuggle them to England.

Team leader Károly Mészáros also told M1 newscast that the men probably wanted to stop them for a similar reason.


MTI – Hungarian foreign minister asked about press reports regarding a migrant “attack” on a vehicle carrying Hungarian students at Calais in France, he called such incidents unacceptable, adding that all this demonstrated the deterioration of Europe’s security situation. He said Hungary’s diplomatic mission had been asked to take steps to help the group if need be.

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  1. martaburka

    This is what the EU wants to settle Hungary with. Does anyone want these people in their country? The liberal media will say that these people are frustrated, depressed and come up with all sorts of excuses.

    The bottom line is Great Britain has the right to control immigration. It is not enough to say I want to go to Great Britain, if they do not want you, it is useless to waste your lives hanging around Calais, do something constructive with your lives.

    One of the things these migrants should not do is to try to hurt Hungarian students.

  2. Count of Josefin

    Those are the “people” that frau Merkel wants to send to Hungary, Frau Merkel, you invited them, you take them, NOT Hungary


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