Martos, 2017. július 5. Kövér László, az Országgyûlés elnöke (b) és Szász Jenõ, a Nemzetstratégiai Kutatóintézet elnöke a Martosi Szabadegyetem fórumán 2017. július 5-én. MTI Fotó: Krizsán Csaba

Ruling Fidesz is “preparing for violent provocations”, the opposition Socialist Party said in a statement on Thursday, and added “this is why they keep saying that something will happen in the autumn”.

Hungary’s opposition and US billionaire George Soros’s organisations could form a coalition to “topple democratic institutions” in the country ahead of next year’s elections, House Speaker László Kövér said at an ethnic Hungarian summer university forum in southern Slovakia’s Martovce (Martos) on Wednesday. Kövér said that the “coalition” could aim to elicit tension through “open attacks” such as riots in public places.

“They will try to create an atmoshpere in which the civil war psychosis becomes prevalent ” in order to “divert attention from the opposition’s own inaptitude, with the dirty work to be done by activists of the Soros organisations,” Kövér insisted.

According to the Socialists, current developments are evocative of the period before the 1998 election when “there were mysterious bomb attacks, which ceased when Fidesz won”.

In their statement, the Socialists also called on the police not to succumb to “political pressure from Fidesz” and not to “assist political criminals with their provocative actions”.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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