Fidesz MEPs were the only group in the European People’s Party to reject voting in favour of the European Parliament’s position on the European Union’s budget for the 2021-2027 financial cycle, a Socialist MEP said on Sunday.

István Újhelyi told an online press conference that the proposal, voted down by Fidesz, had been aimed to increase funding for job protection and expanding employment, the Erasmus programme, research and a “European Health-care Union”.

Újhelyi noted that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had threatened to veto the budget and the recovery fund designed to offset the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic should EU funding be tied to rule of law regulations.

The MEP insisted that Fidesz “didn’t care” if Hungary, and other member states, would be left without EU funding, because “their priority is to avoid being held accountable for keeping democratic values … and transparent use of EU funds”.

“Fidesz MEPs are again in opposition in Europe,” he said.

Újhelyi pledged to support the proposal when it is sent back to parliament after cross-institutional examination, if the sectors he represents — the health-care union, tourism and transport policy — are not harmed by it.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Socialists in the European Parliament (and EU as a whole) are obviously a bunch of REAL DUMMIES.

    The Hungarian Government – reflecting views of most citizens in that country – have made it perfectly clear on numerous occasions that it will NOT support the next EU budget and / or ‘recovery fund’ should EU funding be dependant on so-called ‘rule of law’ regulations (which OBVIOUSLY will include acceptance of illegal migrants into Hungary plus other questionable ‘democratic values’).

    Left-wing ‘bully boys’ (and confused sexual misfits) have to realise that Hungary will NOT tolerate being told how to think or what to do – especially after almost 50 years of that under Soviet rule.

    If the next EU budget / recovery fund are VETOED by Hungary because these mental midgets refuse to remove their political demands then so be it.

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