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Csaba Burján is a member of the Hungarian short-track speed skating team and the winner of the men’s 5,000-meter relay during the 2018 Pyeongchang (South Korea) Winter Olympics. Now, the Chinese head coach of Hungary’s team handed in her resignation for what Burján wrote on Facebook.

Index said that the Hungarian National Skating Federation published a statement on its website that they did not accept the resignation of Lina Zhang Jing and that they  were in talks with her about her future. The federation apologised for what Burján said, and according to them,

the Olympic champion already regretted

what he wrote and apologised to Zhang. He wrote in a later post that he is deeply sorry for what he said before and added that he was tired after a long trip and did not mean what he wrote.

Zhang said that she cannot “tolerate a Hungarian skater, especially a Hungarian Olympic champion, making racist comments against China. And for the record, I resigned as the Hungarian short track speed team’s head coach,” she added.

The reason why Burján published his post on his Instagram page was that when he arrived at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport for a World Cup series event at the weekend, the airport was very busy and he had to stand in a long queue. Even though his post later disappeared from his private Instagram account, many read and saved it, and

his followers wrote a lot of malicious comments under it.

Interestingly, Burján won the first gold medal for Hungary ever in the men’s 5,000-meter relay with Zhang as the coach.

The Council of the Hungarian National Skating Federation apologises for the attitude which is completely unacceptable from a national athlete. The resignation of the head coach was not accepted, the council began negotiations with her,” the federation stressed. They added that they started disciplinary proceedings against Burján and that they would not allow him to participate in the World Cup event, the reason he travelled to Shanghai for, so he already took his flight home.

Source: index.hu

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