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Several videos appeared on Youtube about the scandalous behaviour of the security guards of Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest. The videos were uploaded by five taxi drivers who had enough of the acts of these men.

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Blikk reported that the exact taxi company is not revealed in the videos, but it would probably be the company called Főtaxi as only the vehicles of this service can use certain routes and parking spaces of the airport where the videos were taken. Other cars of taxi companies are also allowed to drive in, but they cannot stay at the reserved places of Főtaxi.

Many of Főtaxi’s drivers complained about the scandalous and explicit behaviour of the security guards outside the taxi parking places. On one occasion, one of the guards physically hurt one of the drivers because he intended to take five people in his seven-seats car.

Other incidents include spitting into the car at the open window of the vehicle and even verbally threatening the drivers for no reason. The five drivers had enough and hired lawyers to finish the inappropriate happenings. They even started a Youtube channel to upload videos about the guards’ acts.

The incidents were reported several times to the authorities of Budapest and the police as well.

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Furthermore, these drivers reported that the guards insulted other taxi drivers from other companies. Since then, several guards were fired although no additional steps were taken in the matter as the safety of passengers is more important than the complaints of the taxi drivers.

The Liszt Ferenc International Airport did not answer any questions regarding the incidents.

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