One of the flights of Ryanair was scheduled to take passengers to Gran Canari, Canary-Islands from the Liszt Ferenc International Airport but instead of taking off in time the journey became a disaster.

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Index reported that the flight was scheduled to take off at 6.30 in the morning, but instead of that the vehicle remained on the surface going round and round in circles on the airport. The aeroplane left its place in time but did not take off for long allegedly for being overweight. Passengers did not know how to react as the flight attendants, and even the pilot did not give any information about the situation.

It was 11.30 am, and the aeroplane still did not take off. Ryanair was unable to come up with any solution and did not know how to react.

In the meantime, the pilot reported that the aeroplane continues to go around at the airport to burn some fuel to become more light in order to take off. After an approximate 1.5 hours, they would probably be ready to take off but have to land in Madrid to get some extra fuel to reach the Canary-Islands.

Meanwhile, the air in the aeroplane was not clean at all because of its constantly working turbines.

The flight attendants started to serve drinks around 9.30 am, but if they got any complainant from the passengers, they refused to answer. Passengers were also cold but the vehicle did not have any heating. The passengers started to get more stressed, angry and nervous, but the flight attendants disappeared, and the aeroplane continued to burn its kerosine to be able to take off.

At around 12.00 am someone started smoking in the aeroplane’s toilet and was arrested by the police immediately.

This was not the first scandalous case of Ryanair. The airline apologised to all the passengers who had to wait. An immediate investigation was ordered. 


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  1. To the author of thos report, did you speak with the airline or airport authority?

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