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A considerable difference: the American International School of Budapest.

More and more parents are in favour of private schools today, and not only if their children need special education. Although some of the private institutions are affordable, there are still some which are only available to the wealthy. The international institutions are the most expensive, while the Hungarian ones usually cost 1 million HUF per year. made a collection of these schools in Hungary.

American International School of Budapest

AISB has been the most expensive institution in Hungary for years. The school, which is located in Nagykovácsi, was originally founded by the Embassy of the United States to provide education for those children whose parents worked at the embassy. Although this system has since changed, 80% of the students are children of foreign citizens, most probably because the tuition fee is 5 million HUF per year.

British International School

The BIS in Óbuda is also popular among diplomats and businessmen. The tuition fee is lower in the first two years, but it’s still almost 5 million HUF per year, but students receive a certificate that is accepted internationally.

Britannica International School

The Britannica International School accepts primary schoolers as well, and promises a British style education with Hungarian and foreign teachers. The annual tuition fee depends on the students’ age – it varies between 2.8-3.8 million HUF. Students have to take their GCSEs at the age of 16, and their A level exams at the age of 18.

Greater Grace International School

GGIS is located in District XII and prepares students for the standard school leaving exam of the United States. The annual tuition fee varies between 1.5 and 3.7 million HUF. GGIS accepts kindergarten aged children as well.

SEK Budapest International School

The SEK Budapest International Schools has Spanish origins, and offers a high school diploma that is accepted in Hungary and internationally as well. The annual fee is about 2 million HUF. Students have to wear uniforms, they receive meals two times a day, and the school has its own school bus. The language of education is English, but Spanish has a great role in the school curriculum as well.

Lycée Francais Gustave Eiffel de Budapest (Gustave Eiffel French Kindergarten, Primary- and Secondary School)

This institution offers an education that is in accordance with the French norms, for 1.5-1.8 million HUF per year. Students of the LFGEB can apply to Hungarian universities, as the school’s exams are acknowledged by the Hungarian government.

International Christian School of Budapest

The ICSB’s tuition fee is a little bit lower: it’s 1-1.5 million HUF a year. The emphasis is on Bible studies, and attending masses is compulsory.

Deutsche Schule Budapest Thomas Mann Gymnasium (German School of Budapest Thomas Mann Gymnasium)

The Thomas Mann Gymnasium offers an education that depends entirely on the German school system, for 1 million HUF a year. Their exams are also acknowledged by the government; therefore students can apply to Hungarian colleges and universities. The school is located in District XII and has its very own holiday resort at Lake Velence as well.

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