Budapest, May 25 (MTI) – Secret-service reports show that George Soros (in Hungarian: György Soros) is manipulating opinions in Hungary, government office chief János Lázár told the website of commercial broadcaster ATV.

“There are no migrant-friendly, opposition-leaning organisations that are not financed by Soros,” he said.

Lázár said last week at his regular weekly press conference that Soros was an influential supporter of the US Democratic Party and the Clintons, and he would “make room for his views at any cost”. He added that Soros is likely to soon take action against the Orbán government “which is considered one of his most dangerous political enemies in Europe”.

Asked whether there was any direct evidence concerning how Soros influences migrant matters in Hungary, Lázár told that thanks to Soros’s financing, civil organisations in Hungary had gained “outsized influence in Hungarian society in proportion to their real power”.

Soros is behind left-wing opposition opinions voiced over the migrant issue, as he is their biggest sponsor. “This is how he fights for his beliefs; and we fight in our own ways,” Lázár told

Pressed to reveal evidence for his accusations, he said no other evidence is necessary when Soros himself had claimed that Orbán was his “most dangerous European enemy,” Lázár said, adding there was secret-service evidence, but this is not in the public realm.

Photo: MTI


  1. If the Soros wants to help migrants,he should supply them with birth control pills. In most developed countries the an average size of a family is probably four. Many of these families have a hard time bringing up, educating, and paying for extra sport activities. The the migrants have many more children at least on TV. It is not prudent to have children when their life is up in the air. I wonder if the migrants can provide a better life for their large family or will they end up poor in a ghetto in the West.

  2. Lazar, like Orban, well paid and produced by FSB Russia. “No other evidence is necessary” — diversionary politics from the Orban governments klepto Russian leadership. Came to power “to unite Hungary and Europe” …now selling Hungarians down the river…
    Hungarian migrant quota – under 2000 people… no issue….Orban government Paks nuclear deal with Rostatom is BIG issue. Press Media bans/blankets BIG issues ——- Orban will end up heading off on a train to Moscow in a few years, to the same place as Yanukovytch

  3. Mr. Szmith do you think that Mr. Soros is some form of saint? You don’t believe a man of great wealth loves to stir the pot, create confusion to create more money?

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