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Budapest, 2018. április 21. Egy kisfiú a gyermek tûzoltó pályán a VIII. Országos Rendõr- és Tûzoltónapon a Városligetben 2018. április 21-én. MTI Fotó: Lakatos Péter

Today security is the most important communal value, and for the government the security of the Hungarian people is the top priority, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Interior Ministry stressed on Friday at the ceremony held in Budapest on the occasion of the Day of the Police and the Fire Brigade.

Károly Kontrát said in his welcome speech: “we are proud of you, police officers and firefighters, because you are fulfilling your service to the satisfaction of the Hungarian people”.

He added that during the course of their jobs they are often required to face dangers and challenges, yet, by virtue of their calling and determination they serve their country and the Hungarian people every day.

The Parliamentary State Secretary highlighted that the police had performed a dual task in the past year as, in addition to guaranteeing internal security, they also successfully defended the southern border. He pointed out that in the last eight years the number of registered crimes had fallen to almost one half, the success rate of investigations had improved, and in consequence of the combined effect of these achievements, the trust vested by members of the public in the police had increased and the police had regained society’s respect.

“You have a prominent role in ensuring that we may guarantee security also in the future, and therefore the Hungarian government will do everything in its power to reward the work completed to high standards by members of the services which protect the country’s interests and values”,

he said, stressing that, in addition to commendations, the government also expressed its appreciation by creating – as it promised – a predictable career path and pay system which were incorporated into the new service legislation.

He added that the government will make every effort also in the future to ensure that both organisations have the necessary conditions at their disposal not only for the performance of their day-to-day work, but for enhancing the prestige of their respective jobs as well. He highlighted that in 2017 some 6,800 new service vehicles were delivered, while the work of firefighters is assisted by one hundred new, locally made fire engines.

In addition to the ministerial commendations Police Officer of the Year and Firefighter of the Year, at the ceremony Interior Minister Sándor Pintér handed over honours of bravery, St. George awards and St. Florian awards as well as deeds of extraordinary promotions, titles of counsellor and senior counsellor, and various gifts of commendation.

The 24th of April is the day of St. George, patron saint of the police, while the 4th of May is the day of St. Florian, patron saint of firefighters.

Featured image: MTI

Source: www.kormany.hu/en

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