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Self-service parcel terminal business expands in Hungary

Self-service parcel terminal business expands in Hungary

Companies that operate self-service parcel terminals in Hungary are expanding, business daily Világgazdaság said on Thursday.

Magyar Posta added significant capacity to its ten busiest package terminals last year, the state-owned postal company told the paper.

Magyar Posta has 51 parcel terminals, with a total of 4,260 lockers, across the country.

The terminals are more than 85 percent full, on average.

Parcel terminal company Foxpost will raise its number of pick-up points by 50 percent this year,

while boosting drop-off and pick-up capacity by 80 percent, founder and CEO Ádám Bengyel told the paper.

Foxpost has 103 package terminals. By year-end, it will have terminals in 48 cities and 19 districts of the capital with 11,200 lockers.


According to the official press release, Magyar Posta is gearing up for this year’s Christmas parcel rush with a one billion forint investment. Parcel acceptance will be accelerated at post offices by increasing capacity.

From 1 October Magyar Posta is putting into service its new parcel processing system whose capacity is three times that of the previous system. The value of the investment in the new automated parcel processing system was about one billion forints. In addition to having a greater throughput capacity than the current system, it is also able to read barcodes, weigh items and measure volumes. The machine line is housed in Magyar Posta’s Parcel Logistics Centre in Budapest’s District IX. In the centre covering over 5,000 square metres, parcels are processed for 24 hours on every working day of the week.

The world-standard parcel processing machine line is able to handle up to 10,000 mail items weighing between 100 grams and 10 kilograms an hour, which it then selects based on the barcodes on the mail items and forwards to the appropriate delivery point for the address.

In addition to acquiring this machine, Magyar Posta has increased capacity at about 60 post offices nationwide. Larger storage facilities have been created at post offices handling very large quantities of parcels in the winter season. In addition to more storage space, extra parcel issuing counters have been installed at a number of post offices to enable staff to serve customers collecting their parcels faster during the Christmas rush.


Source: MTI/VG/Magyar Posta press release

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