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Postal service issues commemorative stamp for Budapest sustainability expo

Planet Budapest 2021 sustainability expo taking place from Nov. 29

Jobbik protests planned closure of small post offices – UPDATE

"The conservative Jobbik party has called for a parliamentary resolution against plans to close down 800 post offices in villages"

Hungarian postal service changes customs clearance fees to comply with EU regulations

Products ordered from outside the European Union with a value of less than 22 euros will no longer be exempt from VAT from July 1 ??

In Hungary, a vestige of analogue age comes to an end

After 174 years:

Stamps commemorate the first freely elected Hungarian government

Magyar Posta has issued a series of stamps marking Hungary's 1989-1990 change of political system

LMP calls for wage increase for postal workers

#LMP: Now is the opportunity for PM #Orbán to have a real fight for independence #magyarposta