New research has been published by the company Richter for Women, focusing on women and their experiences with intimacy as well as different contraceptive methods – reports Femina.hu. Women from eight European countries were asked about their sex life, for example, and the results are definitely worth thinking about.

The study reveals that intimacy plays a significant role in the life of Hungarian women, more so than in the life of women from Western countries. However, it also turned out that they are less conscious about contraception than in the West. The study was carried out in connection with the World Contraception Day (26 September) and it revealed, among other things, what percentage of women have strong emotional connections to their partners.

Intimacy and sex life

It turns out that intimacy and sexuality play a crucial part in Hungarian women’s lives, and it is more important for them than for women in the Western countries participating in the study. 80% of Hungarian women also admitted that they love their partner, which is, again, a higher percentage than the 70% in other countries.

Although 73% of Hungarian women think of sex and intimacy as a source of pleasure, as opposed to the 62% in other countries, it must be noted that only 60% are actually satisfied with their sex life.

However, that is still higher than the 56% in other participating countries.

Contraception and the different methods were also part of the study. Reliable contraception, of course, is essential for a carefree sex life and for conscious family planning, too. Hungarian women believe that choosing the right contraceptive method is one if the most important topics of gynaecology. Contraception can actually affect the quality of your sex life. Women using contraceptive pills, for example, have revealed that they feel much more confident during intimacy, knowing they have taken care of protection.


There were contraceptive methods back in ancient times, too, though they do seem quite bizarre now. From brass cervical caps to metal coils, it is great news that the 21st century offers other, safer options.

Hungarian women know a lot of forms of contraception, slightly more than Western European women participating in the study do. However, Hungarians are less conscious when it comes to actually using any of them.

A third of Hungarian women, 33%, uses no form of contraception at all, not to mention that 15%, very high compared to other countries, believe the ‘pull ou’ method can be trusted. Like in Europe, the two most popular contraceptive methods are condoms and pills. It is interesting, though, that while most European women prefer the pill, Hungarians would rather stick to condoms.

“Unwanted pregnancies can place a grave psychological weight on women. If a couple did not take care of appropriate contraception, they might need a morning-after pill, followed by starting on a hormonal contraception plan” – says Dr Tamás Teleki, ob-gyn.

What plays a part in the decision?

When it comes to contraception, most women trust experts’ opinion – every 2nd Hungarian woman chooses their contraception method based on what their gynaecologist has said. Close to a quarter of women are swayed by their partner but it is also often discussed among friends. The 4th most popular source of information is the internet, despite the fact that information on there could be misleading and create false beliefs, leading to not using the right forms of contraception.

When making a decision, age, health and personal circumstances all have to be taken into account. So, involving an expert to make the best choice that fits the specific lifestyle and personal needs is advisable.

Dr Tamás Teleki added that “Hormonal contraceptive methods are the most reliable in avoiding unwanted pregnancies, as of now. With their use, not only family planning becomes more conscious but the menstrual cycle also becomes more regular, and irregularities as well as cramps and pain are easier to handle.”

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Source: femina.hu

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