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Interesting statistics were published about the selfie-taking habits of Hungarians in a study conducted by Szállá, reports. Did you know that an accident happens at every 200th selfie, or that one-third of Hungarians have taken a nude selfie before?

You can learn everything about Hungarian people’s photo taking habits from a study conducted by Szállá Nóra Keresztes, marketing manager at Szállá talked about the most interesting findings of the survey to

People post the most photos to their social media accounts during or after their holidays.

Four out of five people post photos about their holiday, and two thirds of them do it during the holiday.

Favourite holiday destinations of Hungarians

What makes people take so many photos?

The majority of people post these photos because they think of their social media account as a form of a diary which they can revisit from time to time. Only 10% of people said that they are motivated by what other people think when they post pictures.

In fact, two thirds of the participants said that they do not care about what other people think, and they do not find taking selfies embarrassing at all.

However, the survey also revealed that the majority of people are still interested in who looks at, likes, or comments on their photos, and also that women find taking selfies more embarrassing than men.

What are we posting?

The results also reveal that women and men have quite different selfie-taking motives and habits. 54% of men respondents prefer to post funny selfies, while 56% of women post flawless selfies where they look as perfect as possible.

Most often posted types of photos are: panoramas, family and kids, holiday pictures and of course selfies. People found the following photos to be the most annoying/irritating on social media: photos of food, drinks, selfies, parties and beachy/sunbathing photos.

Most of the people had no embarrassing experiences while taking their selfies, but it turns out that minor accidents happen quite often. An accident happens during every 200th selfie: a phone drops, a traffic accident almost happens, etc.

One third of the respondents have taken a nude selfie before.

Szállá’s top 10 most popular Hungarian sights for taking selfies:

  1. Castle of Eger
  2. Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca
  3. Lake Bath in Hévíz
  4. Zalakaros Bath
  5. Castle Festetics
  6. Thermal Bath in Harkány
  7. Castle of Siklós
  8. Thermal and Adventure Bath in Kehida
  9. Thermal Lake in Demjén
  10. Castle of Füzér

Another recent study revealed that the majority of Hungarians are optimistic about the country’s future.

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