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The Sun conducted an interesting survey about what women do when they do not feel up for sex. Different countries were examined concerning how often men get ‘mercy sex’ – sex even if the woman is not in the mood.

According to, a recent American survey ventured to find out how often women from different European countries agree to have sex even when they do not feel like it. The study shows that Hungarian women rarely engage in sex if they are not in the mood.

915 women who have been married or in a long-term relationship for a while were asked. All of them have been diagnosed as having hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) which results in a loss of sexual appetite and affects around 33% of women in their lifetime.

Hungarian women ended up fourth on the list – in general, they agree to have sex even when they are not in the mood 1.78 times every month.

Hungarian women, kiss, couples, relationship

The data from the neighbouring countries is exciting, considering the EU average is 2.41 times each month.

The numbers are the highest in the Check Republique, where women decide to please their partners 4.19 times every month, even when they do not feel up for sex. This means it happens at least once a week. 

In Italy, however, this number is only 1.12, the lowest compared to the others.

It is interesting to note that, while in Austria, it happens 2.66 times every month, in Germany, the number is considerably lower, being second after Italy with 1.72 times every month.

Religion and culture play an important reason in how these numbers shape up. Some believe that ‘Catholic guilt’ may make women feel like they have to please their partners no matter how they personally feel at the moment. On the other hand, others say that

enlightened and independent women feel empowered enough to say no when they are not in the mood. 

Interestingly, some also say that men may be less interested because of instant access to porn.

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