According to, not only the country, but half the world adores the body of Virag Kiss, the smiling blond girl. However, her career as a European and World Champion body builder is quite different from the career of a model: although she makes her living with her figure, there is a huge work in doing so. In addition, Virag performs not only above the average, when she is onstage: after studying political sciences she now studies law, which means that soon we can call her Dr. Virag Kiss.

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In people’s mind there is probably something about posing and tanning cream, but they hardly know what your daily routine looks like. Let’s put together what your sport is actually about!

I really look like a skinny girl in everyday life, so someone even asked me whether I was doing sports at all. The answer is yes, I do body-building. My category is “bikini model”, but I don’t like this phrase, since it doesn’t really reflect on what I’m actually doing. People often have misconceptions about the word “model”, so the word “bikini fitness” that used abroad is actually much better. I work a lot for my figure, and my muscles. I have to train hard for months only for those couple of seconds I spend on the stage before the jury. And yet that is only one part of the success.

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What does the jury score in this sport?

The girls have to have firm and shapely muscles. They cannot be too stringy: the muscles cannot be clearly outlined, veined. They need to have an aesthetic and feminine body, and the judges increasingly account with the feminine flair, grace and stage movement. The difference between us and the body fitness category one level above us is that they have to have a greater muscle mass and more fat-free, stringier appearance. Most photographs in the newspapers and on the Internet are about the model girls, because they are pretty, muscular, yet still remain within the ladylike limits, even according to an average person.

How do you set up your calendar? I suppose there is competition period.

It works like this: we look at the 2016 competition schedule and determine the contests I would like to participate in. Like in boxing, there are several associations; I’m the member of IFBB. After we selected the competitions, Timi, my personal trainer, sets up a figure timing. For example, if the first contest comes in March, then we designate a 12-week-preparation in reverse. In addition to the barbell and cardio exercises, a rather important things is to plan my meals as well.

Only meat and salad?

I get up at 6 am, I prepare everything I will eat that day and put into a little box. In this case, there are no additional meals, no frauds, since it ruins everything I was working for.

But really, I measure the turkey meat and the vegetables on the kitchen scale, and I know their carbohydrate and protein content exactly in grams. So I go with boxes – mostly filled with turkey and salad – to the training space. I am usually in the gym at 8 am and participate in an approx. 3-hour-long exercise. Therefrom one hour always is barbell exercise, and after that cardio and posing, where the schedule depends on my actual shape. We have to practice posing, too, even though it seems we just stand there and smile. It has very strict rules.

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And do you rest after the workout all day?

Of course… Except that university courses are coming, writing a thesis or sponsorship requests where I have to stand my ground, making exercise videos etc. So I’m busy every day.

How did all this start in your life?

I did ballet in the Bekescsaba theater when I still went to kindergarten, later I danced hip hop, but I was put to the back because they did not appreciate my dance skills. All my life I wanted to compete, and I always have been.

People criticized me frequently at all the different stations of my career.

It was the same with fitness, which I fought a lot for. When I moved to Budapest because of the university, I looked for the best trainer I could find and trained a whole year for the Hungarian championship. My commitment was so strong, that, for example, I also went to the gymnasts of Ferencvaros club for additional acrobatic training.

Then my ankle ligament was torn at the stage rehearsal before my first competition.

This happened in 2011. Life proved me that others may be right and fitness does not fit me. Based on our idea with my coach, I started fitness modeling. I promised myself to accept this challenge in the spring of 2012, in addition to the two universities, but only proceed with it if I get a good ranking in my first contest. I became world champion that year.

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Which result are you the most proud of?

This year, I participated in many international competitions in different countries in approx. every two weeks, but I am most proud of my 2013 Arnold Classic victory.

Previously, I contested in another alliance, but IFBB is the peak of peaks in bodybuilding. The greatest stars compete here, and only here can you stand on the stage of Arnold or Mr. Olympia. Anyway, the latter is a big dream of mine.

So is this a system where you collect points at different stations and these become aggregated at the end of the year?

Yes. None of the stations are mandatory, you can collect points by various weighting, and these are aggregated at the end of the year.

Which place will you be in 2015?

I don’t know yet. It is not so easy to calculate because of the many competitors and tournaments going on. But I ran in a lot of contests and I was among the best 4-6 in each of them, so I’m full with hopes. I will certainly hit the top 20. The list will be published at the end of the year.

What do you think about how you got this far? How big is the part that can be attributed to the talent and how big is the part that can be attributed to work or the resigns?

I never was a natural talent in sports. This is an aesthetic sport, so it matters what kind of beauty, radiance, stage presence someone has, but I think these are a very small percentage. The biggest stars have serious sporting history behind them and this can not be a coincidence.

The body, the time invested, the energy and self-discipline is, what matter the most here.

You also have to know that nobody uses illicit drugs and muscle enhancers. There is a screening of doping, doping tests before competitions which prove that the participants reached their stage form on their own.

How do you rest and have fun?

When there is a competition season going on, I move between the home-university-gym trio, and I have neither time nor energy to have fun. I cannot live a social life at this stage of the year, but that is not because I’m not normal. Even my friends understood: going to cinema is not a way of relaxation for me then. Everyone is chewing popcorn and nachos while I slowly die, because I love eating anyway. But I have to eat turkey and salad for months… in this period, a little wellness, bathing can be relaxing for me.

But off-season is heaven itself! I’m gastro maniac; it means there is a list of places in my phone I could not visit while there was a competition season. Then I can check it and try each of them. I love eating, and since I’m from Bekescsaba, Budapest is still an undiscovered paradise for me which I adore. The summer is about the festivals, because I love them, too.

How can someone get to such a tournament?

At first, it goes with a lot of sacrifices and renunciations and therefore it is difficult to start. In order to travel to such an event, you have to pay it for yourself. I am very grateful to my parents who made it possible for me to start at that time.

Today, there is a sponsor, BioTech USA behind me, which is very rare in Hungary. I am very grateful to them as well.

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As I know, you are now one their main ad faces, right?

Yes. They took me to the first expo in 2013, where it turned out we can work together very well. But since I did not have IFBB result, we could not cooperate so tightly. Then I went to the Arnold in autumn and I won. Since then, I make training videos, manage an expert responds-blog and go to expos with them.

I have never thought before, that, when I stand among 56 girls on the stage of Arnold in Madrid, I will see the BioTech team cheering for me. Then I looked to the right, and the first stand next to the stage was ours… exactly where I saw myself smiling back in giga size. It was a great feeling, incredibly uplifting!

Do you appear in the social media because of them?

No. I started that by myself and I was very proud when I reached 800 likes with my page. Today, I have 38 thousand Facebook likes and 25 thousand Instagram followers. Of course, BioTech brought the big impetus. I remember when they shared my first photo, and I called my mom that more than 100 people liked my photo. Now it has reached the point that I opened a package of thanks from Australia sent by a girl whom we helped preparing for a home tournament online.

Many people write to me thankful messages, thanking for the motivation and telling how they regard me as a role model.

I would think that two negative commenters still should be on your page: the envious girl and the one who does not see the whole picture and thinks you’re just posing and getting paid for it.

There are none of them, thank goodness. I don’t delete them because there is nothing to delete. At times, it is unbelievable for me as well, how I am surrounded by nice, and grateful people. Boys, girls, teens and mothers follow my work and it is a big honor that many regard me as a role model.

Which university do you attend?

When I moved to Budapest, I started studying political science in English. It happened because I spent a year as an exchange student in the USA and I planned to go back there at some point. That changed when I fell in love with Pest and realized that my parents and all my friends are here. I always loved history, so I decided in the high school that I will study law. So I enrolled at Pazmany University. I did the two at the same time, now I am a graduate in law. I like to study, but it is difficult to reconcile with the competitions.

And what will you be?

Dr. Virag Kiss, defense attorney.

The one who is posing on the stage at weekends?

Fortunately, in this sport age doesn’t matter, so I want to do it for quite a while. In the spring, however, I have to decide whether I continue competing or build my lawyer carrier. After all, just imagine a lawyer who poses in bikini on the weekend… It could be embarrassing. Not to mention that both require a full person.


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