You did not hear much about former playmate Adrienn Levai, but she has a record number of followers on Facebook, which is quite surprising, said.

If it would be 2010, it wouldn’t be a miracle that Adrienn Levai is one of the most popular celebrity in our country,  since she won the audience choice prize of Playboy in that year. But now it’s 2015, and somehow she is one of the most popular Hungarian on Facebook. Despite the fact we don’t hear about her much.

Adrienn has more than a million likers which is an astonishing number. Especially in the light of that she knocks down the country’s most popular celebrities in this regard.

For example, Reka Rubint has 703.000, Norbert Schobert 953.000, Claudia Liptai 100.000, Tibi Kasza has 421.000 followers on the biggest social network site. But they’re much more in the foreground and they do a lot in order to be more popular, said.

Of course, the nude model does not just idle away. She’s working as a DJ like many other ex-Playmates and sometimes she surprises her fans with very sexy photos. Which is probably one of the main explanations of the outstanding like numbers. She has a quite impressive neckline and she does not hide too much her potential in her breastfies.

Anyway, among the more than one million likers there are, for example, Majka,  Tibi Kasza, Peti Puskas, Gyozo Gaspar and Lala Lanyi as well.

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