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Shocking! You cannot wear Great Hungary or Trianon shirts in Romania

Shocking! You cannot wear Great Hungary or Trianon shirts in Romania

The Police Department in Romania wants to identify those individuals who wore T-shirts decorated with the map of historical Hungary or used flags with Árpád-stripes in a summer camp organised by the Transylvanian Hungarian Youth (Erdélyi Magyar Ifjak (EMI)).

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Örs Sorbán Attila has recounted in his press conference that the Romanian police have summoned Péter Szűcs, the vice president of the organisation of EMI in order to identify from photos all individuals who wore T-shirts decorated with the map of Great Hungary and waved Árpád-striped flags. He was summoned to the police department of Marosvásárhely, where

the policemen warned him that if he fails to comply with the notice, he can face 3-5 years of imprisonment.

If you want to read about Hungary’s greatest tragedy, you can read our thorough article about the topic.

According to the president of EMI, the police is investigating in the usage of xenophobe symbols.

„This is an intimidation attempt from the Romanian authorities

from which the organisation is not frightened and Péter Szűcs refused to identify anyone. The existence of historical Hungary is an indisputable fact and the Árpád-striped flag is only as xenophobic as the flag of the US.” – Sorbán reacted to the standpoint of the Romanian police.

The EMI president has warned the authorities to cease the harassment of the Hungarian communities.

They had enough observers during the summer camp in Gyergyószentmiklós who could have seen that there were no anti-Romanian activities. Sorbán said that those who are harassed or interrogated by the Romanian authorities should feel free to contact EMI or Szekler Observer Foundation (Székely Figyelő Alapítvány) because they can provide every necessary legal help for the concerned.

Hungary’s right-wing political party wants to declare 2020 to be the memorial year for the occasion of Trianon’s centennial.

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  1. Matt

    Where can i order one of these T-shirts? Anyone know? I’m willing to pay good bucks, have many interested. Anyone know of any exporters willing to deal??

  2. Alphadios

    I am sorry but what the actual fuck? Wearing a T-shirt with the greater hungary map or anti-trianon message is indeed a defiance to the romanian nation and government! Wearing such things in Romania is like wearing a T-shirt in US with the USA map covered in the britanic flag! How about wearing the Nazi Germany flag in Israel? How would that be? Wearing such articles means you are an open irredentist! Also for us Arpad is not a great leader as you see him but a ruthless invader! A barbarian who knew nothing besides raid and pillage!

  3. Edward

    Yes one can wear a shirt showing the U.S. covered by a union jack. People also wear t-shirts with commie stars, pictures of Che, Castro, Lenin etc. One can even have a picture of Putin on their chest. The difference being, the U.S is an open, free democratic country and Romania, well, is backwards.
    Irradentist? Its insulting to Hungarians to see a map of Romania with Transylvania attached to it.

  4. Edward

    Hi Matt, check out the t-shirts on line at Turania. They are located in Hungary. There is also shirts on Ebay various suppliers in the States.

  5. Alphadios

    Well Ed so it’s your map to us! An offence! Since it is our country now we reserve the right of not being insulted! Alsi you know our old motto back in the day when we took the lands from you was “From Dniester to Tisza”. How would you feel if you’d see a romanian wearing a tshirt with a romanian map with the border at the Tisza river ?

  6. Edward

    Like I wrote, the map of Romania is an insult. It is historically inaccurate also.
    I am glad that you admit to taking the land from Hungarians. Most Romanians deny that.

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