Party of the Krishna Valley will be organized between 18th and 20th July, says.

Krishna-believers are awaitng visitors with all-day dance, music and cultural events of the festival stage, with Krishna traditions, which you can try out, with restaurant tents, craftmen’s street, with sanctuary visit combined with temple tour, with eco village, Indian Vedic wedding, fire ceremony, yoga show and children programmes.

According to, a small train starts from the parking lot, which goes across the valley. Another popular programme is the Krishna Valley „reality show”. It presents the life of the Krishna-believers, so you can learn how they dress,how they paint tilak on the forehead, how they meditate, cook and offer food to Krishna on the house altar. However, the main attraction is the temple. Guides are starting every 15 minutes, and you can see the center of the farm’s life: Krishna on the altar.

Ingredients to food in the tent are growing in the garden, you can also buy them. In the market, you will find Indian souvenirs, incense, clothes, chemical-free cosmetics and cleaning products, jewelry, minerals and craftsmen.

The cow farm is the favorite of children. They can pet the cows and watch the ox-driven agricultural machines, says.

If you get tired or if you are interested in healthy lifestyle, eco-valley and eco-villages,you should visit Ecoport. There you can learn about the basics of eco-farming and chemical-free, eco-friendly lifestyle. Part of the Ecoport is the Tandoor show-kitchen. The cooks are not making just Naan bread, but the healthy, Indian version of pizza, which is called uttapam.



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