writes that the government declared the office complex at the corner of Váci road and Róbert Károly Boulevard priority investment, which will be built up of three 90m high towers.

According to the design plans shared on the Hungarian government’s website, the administrative and official businesses related to the investment, worth more than 100 billion HUF, are considered of priority importance of the national economy.

Therefore, the government office of District V was appointed first degree building authority, while the government office of the capital became second degree authority. Moreover, it is said that there is no need for the opinion of the architectural and technical planning board, nor for declaring or carrying out the evaluating process of the townscape.

Furthermore, based on another decision, the analysis of the environmental effects will not be necessary, either. According to the plans, the investment will be implemented on the area of the former Volán bus station: between the Váci road – Árboc Street – Esztergomi road – Róbert Károly boulevard, in District XIII of Budapest.

Index says the documents show that the 90 metre high office centre will be built up of three towers, which are altogether of 7000 square metres. But further four buildings are to be constructed of about 8000 square metres, and the underground garage will have a capacity of 2400 cars.

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