Whereas 20 or 30 years ago it was only few people’s privilege to graduate, nowadays it is much easier for one to get into higher education. A degree obviously has its benefits in many fields of life, it provides higher salary than a vocational training or a high-school degree do, and gives better chances in finding a job. According to research made by felvi.hu in 2011, generally one third of fresh graduated people find employment during the first month after getting their degrees. While unemployment rate among unprofessional workers was around 30% in last year, the rate among graduates is far below national average.

However, this tendency has changed during the last few years. Fresh graduated people have more and more difficulties in finding a job, trend professions are constantly deteriorating, and the number of unemployed professionals is growing. Ten years ago, the proportion was only 3% of all the job seekers, but today it gets to 6%. The number of newly graduated unemployed people is growing with every month, it was 12% last year.

Among employed people, IT professionals have the best salary in Hungary, an average IT manager earns HUF 650 thousand in a month, other employees like IT designers, IT project managers or IT analysts generally have a salary of HUF 500 thousand. Financial positions like private bankers, chief accountants, or financial analysts come next with HUF 400 thousand. Average salary among marketing managers, PR managers and account managers is HUF 300-400 thousand, mechanical engineers earn HUF 350 thousand, and architects HUF 280 thousand.

However, not every newly graduated people starts with the same chances. According to research made by Educatio in 2013, mostly those people who have a good family background, and mostly men have the biggest chance to make a successful career. Those people whose parents completed only a primary school or vocational training have a career entrant salary below HUF 160 thousand, while having university-educated parents means a salary more than HUF 207 thousand generally. Those people who took part in international training during their studies also have higher earnings.

Gender differences also lead to different opportunities in labor market. Male workers generally earn more, find a job faster, and have better chances to get into leading positions than women do. Among fresh graduates in Hungary, men generally earn HUF 45 thousand more than their women colleagues. Having a job what is not in connection with academic studies is more common between women, 23,5% of them didn’t succeed in finding a job which is congruent with their qualification, this proportion is 19% among men. It also strengthens the difference that more women, actually 20% of them do a job which doesn’t require a university graduate, while it is typical only in 15% of men.

based on article of felvi.hu, fizetesek.hu, delmagyar.hu

by Zsófia Luca Szemes

Photo: www.avf.hu


Source: http://dailynewshungary.com/

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