reports that 3 shopping streets in Budapest attempt to return to the core values of Christmas and convey the message of slowing down, finding ourselves, and emerging into cultural experiences. With unique atmosphere, the streets offer various programmes to the visitors to bring the real Christmas spirit into their lives.

The shopping streets that participate in this initiative are called the Falk & Art Antique Street (or Miksa Falk Street), the Ráday Soho (or Ráday Street) and the Béla Bartók Boulevard (or Béla Bartók Street). They return to the core values of the holiday and instead of the kitch, the crowd and the Christmas rush presented everywhere, they emphasize the cozy Christmas preparation in the company of each other.

By visiting these streets, people can have the chance of slowing down and enjoying the atmosphere of Advent in their own pace. Furthermore, besides the Christmas shopping, they can relax a bit and obtain cultural experiences while drinking a cup of hot mulled wine.

The inevitable part of Christmas fairs: the mulled wine /pixabay/

These streets create the dynamic atmosphere by preserving the unique ambiance and the tradition of the past.

Consequently, they have the grace of the past, but at the same time, serve society.

This is exactly what we need in the season of Advent, when it is essential to return to the basic values, instead of the rush and the impersonality commonly present in holidays, reveals the manager, Gabriella Király, on behalf of the BUM Nonprofit Ltd.

On 8 December, as part of the Christmas preparation, special Advent programmes welcome the visitors in Miksa Falk, Ráday and Béla Bartók Streets. Let’s see the “slow” programmes of the streets!

1. Miksa Falk Street

From decades, this street is the center of antiquities and that is what it wants to bring closer to the new generation who drifted apart from art and art collections. This thematic street is the result of the collaboration of galleries and cafés to create the new community, called Art & Antique Street.

Antique shops in Miksa Falk Street /

During the visit, people can take a look at the antiquity of the month, but the visitors can also participate in real auctions. The unique tour is made more special by hot beverages and street music. On this day, the participant shops offer special discounts and gifts to the customers and free wrapping of the locally purchased goods is also provided.

2. Béla Bartók Boulevard

In the boulevard, visitors can enjoy the pop-up design sales in the following locations:

  • Pagony
  • Moha Café
  • Kelet
  • Szatyor
  • BBB office
  • La Nube
  • Zsófi Faur Gallery
  • Tranzit
  • Tinta
  • Chocofacture
Béla Bartók Street

Furthermore, arts and crafts programmes are also offered in the street, where the participant shops and galleries are going to have longer opening-hours. On Friday and Saturday, visitors can try out the mobile sauna placed onto Gárdonyi Square, where they can relax a bit after the Christmas rush and regain their energy for the 2nd half of Advent.

A further great thing is that the boulevard is going to turn into a real Advent calendar where a new calendar window is going to be opened each day in a different shop window that offers some local kindness.

3. Ráday Soho

Ráday Soho offers guided tours in small groups where the participants can get to know the contemporary art galleries, the different styles and their artists, including the sights of the Ráday Street, too. The visitors can see the 19th century organ of the church located at Bakáts Square, and the less-visited undercoat, as well. On 8 December, cultural and artistic programmes are offered in many locations including various restaurants, such as:

  • Inka Greill Bistro
  • Soul Café
  • Hallo Hal Fish Bar
  • Vörös Postakocsi (Red Stage-Coach)
  • Wokzilla
  • Mangacowboy
  • Rombusz Terrace
  • Nándori Conectionery
  • Kisesti
  • Jedermann
  • Balázs Café
  • Input
  • Cevap Grill etc.
Ráday Street, home of various restaurants/

The calm walking programmes can be accompanied by traditional winter offers like the mulled wine and other soulwarming beverages.

Eventually, there is a lot to wait for in Budapest during the season of Advent and fortunately, there are more and more people who feel it important to turn back to our traditions, and instead of wasting money in the rush, spend more time together. In fact, this is what the real Christmas spirit is about 🙂

Featured image: facebook/Artxmas, Kultxmas, Slowxmas: töltődj fel nálunk a karácsonyra!


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