Budapest, May 7 (MTI) – Ruling Fidesz now has a document justifying that it “has robbed children,” Ildiko Borbely Bango, a lawmaker of the opposition Socialists, said on Wednesday, in response to the top court’s ruling on family benefit.

Hungary’s Constitutional Court on Tuesday ruled that partners who raise children have the same right to family benefits as married couples, and this should be made clear in the relevant law.

The court said in a ruling published on its website on Tuesday that parliament should remedy the missing clause by Dec. 31. It said the omission of this fundamental right by lawmakers was unconstitutional.

Bango said today 42 percent of children are born to couples living in partnerships in Hungary, and these couples have lost several tens of thousands of forints in annual benefits due to the discriminative provision. She said it was not up to Fidesz to define what a family is. Love, not a document, is the real family bond, she added.

In response to a Wednesday press report that the government is considering raising the one-off subsidy for new mothers, Bango said it served only to divert attention from the Constitutional Court’s decision.

Bango called on Fidesz not to wait until the Dec. 31 deadline but to put a relevant bill on parliament’s agenda as soon as next week.

Fidesz, in response, said that it was the Socialists that had robbed children when they were in government by scrapping family tax relief, the 3-year childcare allowance and the first-home support scheme for families with children, the party said in a statement. But since children are a priority for Fidesz, the party has reduced the burdens on families and will continue the work for this priority policy goal in the new parliament, it added.



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