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Socialist PM candidate: Most Hungarians ‘pro-Europe’

Socialist PM candidate: Most Hungarians ‘pro-Europe’

László Botka, the prime minister candidate of the opposition Socialist Party, said that he wants to convey the message during his trip to Brussels on Wednesday that “unlike the Orbán government, the vast majority of Hungarians support Europe”.

In a statement, Botka insisted that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has “declared war on the European Union in the pursuit of unlimited power”.

“Europe should know that Hungary does not want to become [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s colony and does not want the Iron Curtain to descend again”, he added.

Botka insisted that Orbán and the EU were “jointly responsible” for making Hungarians fearful of migrants. He argued that while “ineffective” European leaders were “playing for time and unable to make decisions”, Orbán had used the vacuum “to incite hatred”.


Orbán meanwhile has “turned 20,000 real economic migrants of uncertain origin loose on Europe” through the Hungarian government’s residency bond scheme, he said, adding that “a number of terrorists and criminals” were possibly among them.

“We must not let Orbán destroy Europe and dismantle Hungary’s constitutional democracy in an effort to secure his own power,” Botka said.

Fidesz: Brussels receives Botka because they want fence dismantled

The communications chief of the ruling Fidesz party has said that the only reason that Brussels received the prime minister candidate of the opposition Socialist Party in a visit on Wednesday is because he has promised to dismantle Hungary’s fence on the southern border.

Balázs Hidvéghi told a news conference that “today is the day on which an agreement between the European Commission and the Socialist politician will emerge whereby László Botka will open up the border to migrants”.

“It is certainly just a strange coincidence that George Soros happens to be in Brussels on Wednesday,” Hidvéghi said.

Source: MTI

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