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The leader of the opposition Socialist party has said the current right-wing government, which he called “an almost far-right regime”, can only be replaced by a left-wing alternative.

At a press conference on the sidelines of a meeting of the party’s board on Sunday, Bertalan Tóth said the Socialists had celebrated the party’s 29th anniversary and confirmed their intention to continue along the path embarked on in the summer when the party elected new officials.

He said

the Socialists were building a left-wing alternative against the so-called system of national cooperation established by the government, focusing on wages, education and the problems of the health sector,

Tóth said. He said they want to build a country where everyone has equal opportunities.

Ágnes Kunhalmi, head of the party’s board, said the party continued to stand “on the side of the people” and they wanted everyone to have a secure future, proper housing, wages and work conditions. She said one of the key tasks for the party was to create a unified Hungarian left wing and a community of Hungarian democrats, adding that Socialists must change if they are to regain the confidence of society.

Tóth said the board will decide today about the basic principles for putting forward candidates for the European parliamentary and municipal elections.

Answering a question, Kunhalmi said

the party rejected current government plans to privatise Corvinus University as a prelude to establishing an essentially self-financed higher-education sector.

Source: MTI

  1. So says the Narcissist Socialists ( The Crazy Wings ) that celebrate what nobody is interested in… themselves.

  2. The question is, why do the Socialists want to replace the present government???? Orbán Viktor and his government have done very well thank you over the past eight years. Does our country really need another state of bankruptcy, as was the case in 2009 with Gyurcsány?? Think on you Socialist upstarts.

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