Budapest, August 17 (MTI) – The Socialist Party has voiced protest against the police’s terminating an investigation into developments at the National Election Office on February 23, when a group of thugs held up a Socialist representative in submitting a referendum initiative just long enough for a rival question to be handed in.

Socialist lawmaker István Nyakó told a press conference on Wednesday that the authorities had “sabotaged the investigation for months, then terminated it on instructions received from (ruling) Fidesz”. He suggested that the probe, if carried on, would have “led to Fidesz circles, including Fidesz deputy chair Gábor Kubatov, whom they would not reveal”.

Nyakó insisted that dropping the investigation was “terrifying and shameful”, conveying the message that the authorities would not intervene in the future should “pumped-up bouncers threaten others and prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights”.

Photo: MTI 

Source: MTI

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