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Budapest, August 5 (MTI) – The opposition Socialist Party rejects the Jobbik party’s initiative for five-party talks and a special parliamentary session later this month on amending Hungary’s election law.

The initiative only helps ruling Fidesz and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán pave the way for Hungary’s exit from the European Union, the Socialists said in a statement.

Jobbik said on Thursday that the law should be amended to make it easier for Hungarians working or studying abroad to vote.

Under election rules currently in place, Hungarians who have a permanent address in the country but are abroad on the day of an election or referendum can only vote at a Hungarian embassy or consular office near them, while ethnic Hungarians living beyond the border can vote by mail.

The Socialists branded the initiative as “selfish and unconvincing”, noting that Fidesz and Jobbik had until now ignored the votes of those Hungarians previously, and only hindered them in exercising their right to vote.

The election system devised by Fidesz is “bad” and cannot be improved by amendments, the Socialists said, stressing the need to approve a brand new election law “so that Fidesz should no longer be able to make a distinction between Hungarians”.


Source: MTI

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