Budapest (MTI) – The Orbán government’s “impotence” has resulted in 600,000 Hungarians leaving the country to make a living abroad while there is a shortage of manpower in Hungary, the opposition Socialists said on Sunday.

The government has been unable to “create a real economy” here, Socialist deputy leader Nándor Gúr told a press conference.

The situation needs to be changed without “crippling” employers. The government should increase wages by giving up some of its surplus revenue and people should get the opportunity to receive training that gives them marketable skills, he said.

Gúr noted that six years ago the government had promised to create one million jobs in Hungary. Since then, however, 600,000 Hungarians left the country to make a living, he said.

In response to a question, Gúr said that there are 50-100,000 vacancies in Hungary which could be filled from the available workforce.

Ruling Fidesz said in response that the left wing sides with migrants and would give them jobs rather than to employ Hungarians. The Socialists are again lying and the left wing and Brussels want to flood Europe and its labour market with migrants, it said in a statement. At a recent meeting in the European Parliament, Hungarian left-wing politicians voted for punishing countries that reject “forced settlement” and making it easier to employ migrants, Fidesz said.

Source: MTI

  1. As a new Hungarian citizen (my grandparents were born pre-Trianon in present day Slovakia), I have only the highest respect for Orbán Viktor and the Fidesz party. There are now close to 900,000 new Hungarians since 2011 as we with Hungarian blood were able to reclaim our heritage and become proud Hungarians.

    Do you even realize how wonderful and magical cities like Budapest are? The kindness of the Hungarian heart? The safety I feel when I walk down the streets of Budapest or other cities? Life is amazing in Hungary!

    I love Hungary, the people, government, cities and don’t underestimate how great our Hungary is.
    I was born in Canada and yet I feel more freedom in Hungary than in Canada. I will invest, make Hungary a better place and enjoy this country of my grandparents for the rest of my life.

    Büske magyar vagyok!

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