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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, May 7 (MTI) – The opposition Socialists will on Monday submit to parliament a draft resolution on the two referendum initiatives sponsored by the party, the leader of the national board said on Saturday.

Over the past four weeks, the party has collected more than 100,000 signatures in support of each of its two referendum initiatives, László Botka told a press conference.

The two referendum initiatives concern the government’s state-owned land privatisation programme and the introduction of a 2 million forint cap on public officials’ salaries.

Given how well the signature collection is going, the initiatives must go before parliament for a vote similarly to the referendum initiated by the government on the EU’s mandatory migrant quota scheme, Botka said.

“Logic dictates that a national vote should be held on the same day about the three questions, with all of them included on the same referendum sheet,” he said.

It costs about six billion forints (EUR 19 million) in central funds to hold a single national referendum, Botka said, expressing hope that ruling Fidesz would not “throw such an amount to the wind out of political prestige.”

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  1. Why are the communists fretting about income caps at those levels. I have to pay 4X that in just income taxes in Canada on my salary. The communists never had a cap while they were in power, they just took and treated themselves and expected to be treated special at the auto repairs centers, etc…. Tables have turned commies, at least this government according to many watchdogs are doing their best at opening new business opportunities around the world fast to bring the Hungarian GDP up to the west’s levels. There you won’t have to fret so much about who makes what. These things take time, but it took twenty years to pull out of communism’s damage, this now will not take that long as the world is becoming more global in business. The Fidesz party is like my dad, it hurt getting my baby teeth pulled as a child, but it was necessary and things worked out later and in the end. Hungary is now having it’s teeth pulled, as it’s next set will be something to deal with. 🙂

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