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Budapest, December 12 (MTI) – The Socialist Party said those who re-elect Prime Minister Viktor Orban at Sunday’s Fidesz congress will be voting for “rotting schools and hospitals, subservitude to Russia, international isolation, theft, corruption and self-indulgent politics”.

Agnes Kunhalmi, the Socialist deputy chairwoman of parliament’s cultural committee told a press conference on Saturday that Orban’s double talk which leans towards xenophobia and racist comments is “awful enough”, but his actions are “even worse”. Thousands of public employees have been without pay, while the state is issuing short-term government securities, Kunhalmi said. In health-care patient waiting lists are growing longer than ever and nurses and doctors are leaving the country, she said.

She commented on the government’s recent erection of a statue in honour of Anna Kethly, a 20th century Social Democrat. “What is the credibility of this act if the same people are erecting Kethly’s statue who voted to reduce the mandatory schooling age?”, she asked, noting that Kethly spent her whole life fighting to help poor children to better education. “Has Orban the moral base to erect a statue to Kethly when he believes Hungarian women are not fit to take leading roles in politics?”, she added. She also noted that the same people erected the Kethly statue who are now supporting a statue for the Horthy-era politician Balint Homan, who critics say was an anti-Semite.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. Kunhalmi Agnes is an evil red Socialist and along with the depraved Lefties in Hungary does nothing but moan and critisize, not just their own country, but the people themselves. I just remind you Socialists and Lefties, that up to the point when Orbán Viktor and the present government came into office in 2010, Hungary was almost in a bankrupt state, and would have been bankrupt if the Socialists had taken power again. Gyurcsány and his happy bunch of robbers almost ruined Hungary. All those in Hungary who vote for FIDESZ and Orbán Viktor, vote for clean politics, an accomplished government, and a stable country.
    It is nasty talk when the Socialist paties try to make Hungary’s people believe FIDESZ brings about rotting schools and hospitals, international isolation, theft, corruption and self indulgent politics. These are the very things that the Socialists bred into this country after a corrupt errer of Communism. The liars in Hungary are with the Left parties, refering if you like to the interveiw of Gyurcsány with the CNN, “Gyurcsány lied in the morning, all day, and in the evening”. The sincere corruption in Hungary is with the Lefties, all of them, “Socialists, Jobbik, DK, LMP etc:.” They try to cover their past history and terror-remember 2006?
    Subservitude to Russia!!! Think on madam Kunhalmi Agnes. Orbán Viktor has very strong feelings for Hungary and it’s people. Sometime in the future Hungary will need a sourse of energy in the way of electricity and gas. Dealing will Russia would bring these resorces into the country in abundance. What you hippocrits need to understand, Russia is no longer the country it was. Communism is finished there, and the country is trying to bring about good relations to Europe and the rest of the world. It is America that is ruining this process along with the European Liberal and Socialist fools and hypocrites.
    I don’t believe there is any racism in Hungary. The Hungarian people have accepted many races of people into their country over the years, and allowed them to settle. There has been a little unrest over time, but no different from any other Western country. At this moment in time, we have a migrant problem, and Orbán Viktor chose to close the southern border to stop the influx. He is thinking of his people and the country. It doesn’t make him or the Hungarian people racists, so the question doesn’t raise it’s head on this agenda.
    The government changed a system with payments to certain individuals in the country, and because some new systems take time to be implemented, wages were late arriving. I believe everything is okay now, so please Socialist party stop kicking up a fuss over nothing, upsetting the workers involved. This seems to be a very rich trend of yours.
    I have said this before, and I will say it again, all members of parliament should be working together, not screaming at each other. If there is something that members cannot see eye to eye about it is a case of discussing the agendas and sorting the problem together. The trouble with you Socialists, You have lost five elections in the same amount of years, and you don’t like it. You have nothing to offer this country, so all you do is critisize and make trouble for those who know what they are doing, namely Orbán Viktor and his very sound gonernment.
    Why don’t you Lefties wake up and start helping the government in power to help this country of ours to get better and better, instead of hindering it.

  2. Congratulation Mate Pal !!!
    Excellent article.
    This is exactly our opinion of the Fıdesz Party and Mr. Orban,.on the ” East side” of the Globe !!!
    Lets hope they will rule and look after the Hungarian interests for a long time !!

  3. Thanks alojzia. Your kind words are very much appreciated. At the end of the day, it is the truth that counts, and the truth wins the day. Obán Victor is by far the best and will take Hungary to new hights. He will not let us down.

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