In the last quarter of the year, the number of flats sold increased by 7.4%. According to statistics, this year, approximately 175,000 flats are waiting to be sold, which has not happened since 2010. Many customers are from the countryside, and the reputation of the Hungarian capital becomes weaker compared to what it is used to be.

Forbes reported that in the last year, nearly 164,000 flats were sold, which is a 6.5% increase. This phenomenon happened for the last time nine years ago. The rapid increase is due to the fact that cities and towns in the countryside become more popular then Budapest and its suburbs.

Daily News Hungary also reported an unexpected increase in the number of flats in Hungary.

On the other hand, the prices of new flats increased by 9.6% and used estates’ by 16%. Flats and estates in Budapest also became more expensive in the last few months. One square metre costs approximately 1,800 EUR in the capital.

In almost every Hungarian county, the prices of flats and estates also increased, by 15–16% on average since last year. In the next half of the year, real estate offices estimate that more flats will become more expensive, but due to the numerous financial support programmes of the government, the enthusiasm on the real estate market will not fade quickly.

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Featured image: Alpár Kató – Daily News Hungary 





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