According to the Governmental order and the decisions of some of the mayors of Budapest, some thermal baths and swimming pools are ready to reopen in Budapest on May 30.

Demjén Thermal Spa
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Blikk reported that Palatinus, Paskál, Pesterzsébeti, Csillaghegyi and Római baths are ready to be opened again, and Pünkösdfürdői Bath on June 15th. All of the baths reported that they are prepared to welcome their guests again, preparing for the reopening with the maximum level of precaution and safety measurements to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. It was also mentioned that guests can relax and enjoy themselves with maximum protection while bathing in the water.

Scientific researchers stated that the coronavirus molecule is surrounded by a special shell which protects it from damages, writes If this shell is damaged, the virus loses its ability to infect people. A large amount of chlorine in the water damages and eradicates the virus.

In pools, which are operated by the written standard rules and measurements, there is no chance of getting infected as the quantity of chlorine used in the waters of the baths is enough to destroy the disease.

The bought passes and seasonal tickets purchased before the restrictions will be valid again. Those who purchased all year passes will get a refund for the lost three months.

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