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US financier George Soros said in an opinion piece published on commentary portal Project Syndicate on Friday that a compromise prepared by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to prevent a veto by Hungary and Poland of the European Union’s 2021-27 budget and Covid-19 recovery fund is “the worst of all possible worlds”.

“The European Union is facing an existential threat, and yet the EU’s leadership is responding with a compromise that appears to reflect a belief that the threat can simply be wished away,” Soros said.

He said that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s “kleptocratic regime” and, to a lesser extent, the illiberal Law and Justice (PiS) government in Poland, are “brazenly challenging the values on which the European Union has been built”.

“Treating their challenge as a legitimate political stance deserving of recognition and a compromise solution will only add – massively – to the risks that the EU now faces,” Soros said.

“The primary victims of the deal that Merkel has reportedly struck with Orbán will be the people of Hungary…All I can do is to express the moral outrage that people who believed in the EU as the protector of European and universal values must feel,” Soros concluded.

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Source: MTI/ Project Syndicate

  1. The EU budget agreement is a win, win. Ms. Merkle, not my favorite politician, and Mr. Orban managed to agree on the budget. This is exactly how deals should be made. Sovereignty of Hungary and all other EU nations was protected and the rule of law is in effect regarding EU funds, will be applicable in 2022.. This can be called “a great compromise”. Well done .
    Not everyone will agree with my assessment. Mr. Soros, who hates Hungary and its people, remarked that Ms. Markle caved. Soros’ reason is that he failed, once more, to make Brussels a dictatorship, with him pulling the strings. Soros also failed flooding Hungary and Poland with unwanted illegal aliens. It is time for Mr. Soros to realize that Hungary and its people do not want him, his descendent or his society.

  2. Keep your boarders strong. Dont let migrants in. biden is to America as soros is to Hungary. Both are traitors.

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