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Soros ‘scheming against Hungary’ in Washington

Soros ‘scheming against Hungary’ in Washington

Based on reports in the American press, the ruling Fidesz party has said it believes that people working for US financier George Soros are “scheming against Hungary” because the country “stands in the way of the Soros plan”.

Fidesz MP Gyula Budai said at a press conference on Wednesday that the party based its conviction on the US House of Representatives and Senate documents cited by a Washington DC news portal.

The Fidesz politician insisted that Soros, through his Washington-based Open Society Policy Centre, was spending millions of dollars on achieving political goals such as “attacking Hungary”.

Fidesz accuses Soros of being the architect of a plan to flood Europe with illegal economic migrants.

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Source: MTI

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    Please retire, you have caused enough problems in the EU and US. It is time for you to turn to gardening.

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