airplane factory jakabszállás development
MTI Photo: Sándor Ujvári

The Hungarian city Jakabszállás is the place where the world’s first carbon steel grade aeroplane is being made. According to, the new model is the developed by Hungarian science and university workshops.

The government provides more than 800,000 euros of support for Genevation Aircraft Ltd. for developing and mass producing a new type of aeroplane. It was announced by the State Secretary of Economy István Lepsényi in Jakabszállás on Tuesday.

The new GENPRO type aeroplane was shown at the local sports airfield. This is the first one-person aeroplane in the world that is made of a material containing carbon steel grade.

Naturally, Péter Besenyei, the most successful Hungarian aerobatic pilot was the one the pilote the wonder vehicle for the first time.

airplane factory jakabszállás development
The manufacture in Jakabszállás. MTI Photo: Sándor Ujvári

GENPRO will debut at the European and world championships soon. Moreover, developing a two-person model is also planned. Mr Lepsényi emphasized that the project is exemplary in the sense that it is the result of a cooperation between the Hungarian university workshops. Genevation Aircraft is on the right path towards worldwide success. Co-owner of Genevation Aircraft Ltd. Tamás Skuléty praised the new model’s values at a press conference following the presentation.

As he stated, the newly developed airplane can do anything that an aerobatic should, making it fully marketable worldwide.

Genevation Aircraft Ltd. was founded in 2010, its recorded capital is around 1.2 million euros. It had around 105,000 euros of income in 2016. They are a relatively small company with only 24 employees. Genevation Aircraft is on the rise concerning income and the newly developed aeroplanes might provide them with a great chance for international success.

featured image: MTI/Sándor Ujvári


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