Spring Fair at Vörösmarty Square, Budapest
Budapest, 2018. március 23. Lacikonyha a Budapesti Tavaszi Vásáron a belvárosi Vörösmarty téren a megnyitó napján, 2018. március 23-án. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

The Spring Fair awaits handmade folkloric craft aficionados in Vörösmarty Square for one month around the Easter holidays. Visitors will be sure to find delightful treasures as they browse among the wooden huts of vendors selling gift items, clothing and accessories in modern styles but which also respect age-old traditions.

In addition to traditional products, there are also updated versions of folk art objects and creations from various designers. But even if you don’t plan on shopping, as the festival aims to provide high-quality entertainment to the residents of Budapest and visitors to the capital alike with cultural events, arts and crafts presentations, folk music and folk dance shows.

Besides musical performances, visitors can catch a glimpse into the work of traditional craftspeople, with demonstrations by basket-weavers, potters and blacksmiths.

These interactive, family-oriented presentations of folk traditions will change every week: there will be opportunities to try felting, beading and glassblowing, as well as making jewellery, musical instruments or cheese. If you find that the bustle of the market is making you peckish, a wide variety of culinary treats await!

Spring Fair at Vörösmarty Square
Spring Fair at Vörösmarty Square, Budapest

The fair’s food stands mostly feature mouthwatering roasts and traditional dishes, but those with a sweet tooth will also find plenty to choose from among the artisanal marzipan and chocolates, as well as the perennial favourite of Hungarian fairs, kürtőskalács, or spike or chimney cakes, baked onsite over an open fire.

Address: Vörösmarty Square Budapest, 1051


Photo: MTI

Source: budapestinfo.hu

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