The owners of the Balaton beaches have prepared for the opening; the prices have not changed in the beaches with entrance fee – said Győrffy Árpád, the chief editor of

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According to the, authorities of owners and contractors believe that this year will be better than the previous rainy summer. Besides the maintenance, they have also made some improvements; most of them are waiting for the EU’s applications.

For this season they have built walls, sandy plage, walkways, new water facilities and added bike storages. In a lot of places, they have installed devices which help handicapped people to get into the water; also, they have made volleyball fields and adventure parks.

They are trying to keep the previous years’ prices but the operational prices increased, especially because of the week wages. The beaches which were free remained free this year also.

The beaches with an entrance fee, the Siófok and Balatonalmádi beaches will be open at the official beginning of the season: at 15th May. The other beaches with entrance fee will ask for entrance fee from the beginning of the Summer Vacation. Most of the beaches are open already and there is a buffee at most of the places.

At the big beach in Siófok, the daily adult ticket will be the most expensive: 1000 huf in the main season.

In Keszthely, they decreased the prices with further 10 percent; therefore, the ticket will be 800 huf at the city’s beach.

The Esterházy beach at Füred with start with last year’s prices which is 980 huf.

At the rest of the beaches there is some increase at some places, but usually the daily adult ticket is between 450 and 750 huf. Kids, students and retired persons usually pay 50 or 60 percent of this price.

It is becoming more common to introduce the family ticket and there are some beaches where it is cheaper to go in at the last couple of hours.

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