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György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, told public television channel M1 that the Government will extend the state of emergency introduced because of illegal migration. Originally the state of emergency was supposed to remain in force until 9 September, but the current situation definitely justifies its extension, Mr. Bakondi added.

The Chief Security Advisor explained that partly because of the establishment of new routes, the pressure of migration has yet again increased in Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. The number of migrants arriving on the Greek islands has doubled, but countries along the Balkan route are making serious efforts to protect their borders.

On average, some one hundred people a day are attempting to cross Hungary’s border illegally, but so far no attempts have been successful, Mr. Bakondi said. He added that, according to certain estimates, there are some 3,000 migrants waiting in the vicinity of the Hungarian border: with the help of people smugglers they are trying to find weak points in the system.

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