Budapest (MTI) – János Árpád Potápi, the state secretary for ethnic Hungarian communities abroad, has urged ethnic Hungarians to participate in Hungary’s Oct. 2 referendum on migrant quotas.

The main message of the referendum is the same for all Hungarians around the world: the “forced settlement” of migrants threatens the future of Hungary and the entire nation, Potápi told a press conference on Tuesday.

He said that Hungarians living in Serbia’s Vojvodina and Slovenia’s Lendava (Lendva) regions had also felt some of the migration pressure that Hungary has experienced over the past year.

He recommended that ethnic Hungarians wishing to take part in the referendum should register online.


Potápi noted that voters who have no permanent address can register until September.

The state secretary revealed that so far 266,453 people have registered to vote in the referendum from abroad. A total of 116,335 voters have registered in Romania, 30,207 in Serbia and 12,579 in neighbouring countries that do not allow dual citizenship.

So far, 7,454 people have registered in countries with Hungarian diaspora communities, with 2,209 registrations coming from Germany, 936 from the US, 718 from Canada, 606 from Switzerland and 476 from Australia.

Source: MTI

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