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The steam-engine maintenance depot of Istvántelek has a long history. Officially it was opened in 1905 and it was the headquarters for maintaining railway wagons and locomotives for decades. This industrial plant once located on a monumental area in the IV. district of Budapest. But the years of declination came.​

In 1984 the end of steam-engine propulsion was officially announced in Hungary, then the times of the political system change led to the phenomena, where the largest factories and workplaces were shut down, and disappeared. This service depo was also gradually dismantled, and its 1400 employees dismissed, and finally closed in 1992.

From its glorious past, there is one old assembly hall left, where today seven dedicated specialist is working, to give life to the remaining railway miracles.

Thanks to the “MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd.” the reconstructions were restarted.

The main characters of our film are József Szikriszt, Marcell Szőgyeni, and András Szöllősi. Thanks to them and their colleagues, we can marvel these historical machines not just in the depot, but also in operation. They regularly organize journeys for the public. The incomes from the tickets are used for the maintenance of the trains.

Although this provides modest opportunities, and maybe won’t be a long-term solution for the trains requiring unique mechanical components and serious infrastructure. That is why we find the passion and endurance of those working here so exemplary.

Aperti Film video with English subtitile

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