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The strange and funny macro world of a Hungarian photographer – PHOTO GALLERY

The strange and funny macro world of a Hungarian photographer – PHOTO GALLERY

Hungarian photographer Péter Csákvári shared his incredible macro photos on Bored Panda, upon which the Daily Mail has stumbled. The paper discussed his photos with much enthusiasm.

Hungarian photographers are very successful worldwide, winning several competitions, making ads for big sports and fashion companies in the world, or having all corners of the world cracking up with their miniature series, like Péter Csákvári does.

The Daily Mail notes how Csákvári’s photos are presenting unusual and usual scenes with a bit of a twist presenting

‘a whole new world’


to the spectator. Originally, the Budapest-based artist is a food photographer who puts his talent and creativity to other uses as well, challenging his followers and the world with his funny take on everyday life.

For his peculiar shots, Csákvári uses tiny figures, which he places on top of random, everyday objects. The reason why he uses such objects is to accentuate and create a sense of illusion, thus the macro element of his photos pops out more evidently.

The location and the setting of his shots varies a lot, using vegetables, cigarettes, or soda cans.

His models are almost everyday people:

you will find among them construction workers, policemen, nudists, and even the Grim Reaper. There are common scenes, but also surreal ones, such as the aforementioned Grim Reaper making an appearance.

Csákvári shared his ‘Tiny Wasteland’ series on Bored Panda, with the following short description:

‘I shoot a lot with my macro lenses, but I never really used the macro function. When I found these little folks on the internet I started to see little worlds in every single common object around me.’ *

*the artist’s own description has not been modified or corrected, it is the original caption


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