According to, the results of the world’s biggest open photo competition were announced this week. A Hungarian photographer, Ágnes Dudás won one of the categories of the competition out of 22 thousand participants and 183 thousand artworks.

The CEWE “Our world is beautiful” tender looked for photos that presented the beauty of our world from different aspects. Photographers could enter their creations in the categories of sport, people, nature, traffic and infrastructure, architecture and landscapes.

“The photo was taken in a swimming pool before the swimmers arrived. It was the symmetry of the view that caught my attention” said Ágnes Dudás, the winner of the architecture category.

The overall winner of the CEWE Photo Awards was the Finnish Janne Kahila, who captured a beautiful moment on the Faroe Islands. The chapel standing alone on top of the hill symbolises how human presence affects intact nature. “We all have a favourite spot where we like to spend time. For me this is the top of the Kalsoy Island: the 360° panorama and the vertical cliffs are breath-taking” said the photographer.


For that matter, more than 3500 Hungarian participants entered the CEWE “Our world is beautiful” photo contest with more than 31 thousand photos.

Hungary was the third most active country, and the most active nation regarding the population.

The company plans to organise a free exhibition presenting the winner artworks in Duna Pláza in the second half of October.

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