It’s time to go out – recommandations for Hungary’s national holiday.

– Hussar Weekend Experience in Skanzen
Place: Szentendre (easily accessible with H5 suburban rail from Buda)
Time: 15th&16th March, 10 am – 17 pm
Price: free
True traditional experience in Szentendre Skanzen with tons of workshop opportunites, live performances, historical brainstormings in the story of Hungarian Revolution of 1848.
You canwatch a sword creation process, make red-white-green Revolution Cockade or try inland herbal teas, onion strudels or the famous-infamous mákos guba (traditional sweet dish representing milk-soaked rolls with poppy-seed cover); or you can get familiar with special anti-dehydration creams for the skin. Dedicated playground for the children.

– VI. Magyarok vására (The 6th Bazar of Hungarians)
Place: Kiskunhalas (in the county of Bács-Kiskun)
Price: free
You will find a market place here for Arts and Crafts. More than 200 traditional companies will sell their products – only made-in-Hungary products, no imported ones.

Live performances are also expected: folk music and dance.

– Palóc Piac
Place: Parádfürdő (in the county of Heves)
Time: 15th & 16th March
Price: free
Palóc (North-Hungarian) foods and beers, any kind of Arts-and-Crafts products; archery, horse riding, drumming opportunities are expected here. You can also try to throw a csatacsillag which was a famous fatal weapon of former soldiers. You’d better not place yourself in its way.

– Eötvös 10 Táncolka (Dance for babies&mums)& Leather Workshop
Place: Budapest (District 6, near Oktogon)
Start time: 10 am
Price: 600 HUF/person (~2 EUR)
If your child is not more than 6 years old and sure on its feet, then take yourselves here. Plays and dance tutorials for children conducted by noone else than the band of Csillagszemű Táncegyüttes.
For older lads (7-99 years), there is a workshop here where you can DIY leather goods.
Participation fee 990 HUF, material costs cover 300 HUF.

– Tour of Tavaszi Hérics&Kökörcsin
Place: Aggtelek (in the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén)
Price: 500 HUF/person with previous registration
(Phone no.: 003648-503-000, [email protected])
Duration: 5 kms (along Baradla-lane)
Real spring experience with checking the landscape of Ördögszántás, the typical flowers of Bükk mountains and lime furnaces of former ages. Whether it’s national holiday or not, let yourself get here once.
– Play of Petőfi Sándor: János vitéz (John the valient)
Place: Budapest Bábszínház (Puppet theatre)
Time: 10.30 am
Price: 1400 HUF
The play of one of the most popular epic poems written by the heroic person of the ’48s Revolution, Sándor Petőfi. The performance is build up into 2 parts.

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