It was 30 years ago, in 1989, that UFOs caused a sensation and people were speaking everywhere about them.

And this was the first time that the Hungarian public media spoke about the question of UFOs and whether they exist – reported.

On November 25, many people living in the Transdanubia region said that they saw unidentified flying objects over many cities and settlements. A woman reported to the local meteorological station that she saw yellow lights of the size of orange after 6 pm. At around 7:30 pm, people reported four different lights over Pápa, one of which was moving on an elliptic course while another one was flying 6 km high. According to the news, the meteorological station of Farkasfa could calculate

the speed of the flying objects but the result was shocking: 4.200 km/h

which is almost four times the speed of sound.

I would like to hear more about these phenomenons because I am very interested in them. Together with my classmates, I am waiting for the continuation” – wrote Zoltán H., a 23-year-old university engineer student for M2 (Channel 2 of the Hungarian State Television). His request was heard, and on November 28, the news reported about the strange phenomenons of which everybody in Hungary was talking about.

Those who were talking about what happened were not dubious people but a colonel of the Hungarian army and a meteorologist. The flight director of the Budaörs airport, Éva Tóth, added that the moment she warns pilots about the flying objects they disappear as if they understood what she said. 

Reports about UFO detections came every day from people. Some were curious why the leading meteorologist of those days, Szilárd Aigner, does not say anything about the phenomenon while others did not understand why the Hungarian media remains silent about the UFOs that have been seen over Pápa before. Others talked about small red points flying from Ózd to Budapest.

Hungarians remained very much interested in the topic even in 1990, so the Hungarian State Television started a show titled Nulladik típusú találkozások (in English it can be translated as Close Encounters of the Zero Kind) with János Déri. 

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