Budapest, September 18 (MTI) – Thirty to thirty-five million migrants are said to be heading towards Europe, therefore strengthening the continent’s borders is crucial, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in an interview to the Friday edition of daily Magyar Idok.

The European Union has neglected the protection of its borders, Szijjarto said, adding that European leaders seem to be afraid to “call a spade a spade”, and it is easier for them to criticise those who do. The minister said a number of European leaders are acting based on the “false reporting of the international media”.

This could lead to serious problems because European politicians are still refusing to admit the challenges they are up against, Szijjarto said. He said Hungary would “make it clear” that Europe is not in a position to take in hundreds of thousands or millions of economic migrants.

“We can only handle the crisis if we uphold and strengthen the Schengen system,” Szijjarto insisted.

On the topic of Hungary’s fence on its border with Serbia, he said it will “very likely” be effective in diverting the routes of people smugglers. He said cooperation between Hungary and Serbia is better than ever. He said this was an important factor, because if bilateral relations were not as good as they are, the migrant crisis could have led to serious conflicts between the two countries.

Referring to Hungary’s relations with Slovakia, Szijjarto said it “may come as a surprise” that “out of our neighbouring countries, our relations are best with whom you would not expect, like Slovakia and Serbia.”

“Political relations with our natural ally, Croatia, however, have never been as low as they are now,” Szijjarto said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Hungary is doing the right thing by straining to stop the invasion of “refugees” with demands.

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