The leadership of Erzsébetváros (a district in Budapest) accepted a package of solutions to deal with the many problems of the party district in the capital. After midnight, these solutions would result in strick regulations the city never had before.

Budapest party district
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Népszava reported that the package includes the closing hours to be at midnight except for bars, restaurants and other places that stick to the negotiated regulations. This includes that, for example, after midnight, all the restrooms in these buildings must be available to people from the street, and not just to guests. Everyone, especially tourists, must be well informed about this opportunity. 

The solutions include stopping public alcohol drinking on the streets of the district. Every restaurant and bar must hire an employee who would not allow guests to drink the bought alcoholic beverages in the open street. 

Noise is also a severe problem in the district which would be solved by the installation of special instruments to measure the scale of noise in the area every day and night. At the open parts of restaurants, every guest needs to be quiet during the night and this would be checked more strictly in the future. Moreover, restaurants need to install special equipment in the future that would count the number of guests entering. 

Budapest party district
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If the premise reaches its maximum capacity of guests, no other would be allowed to enter under any circumstances. 

Hygiene is also an important factor. Restaurants must clean the place up at least twice a day every morning and evening, take out the garbage and collect it selectively if it is possible, and after midnight the use of plastic cups would be banned to avoid the streets from litter. These measures have to be advertised on special billboards in the future. 

Those restaurants that accept the mentioned criteria above and operate orderly would receive an exclusive licence from the government to be open after midnight for one year. 

Restaurants that do not obey to the regulations would be warned, by the second time receive a financial fine, and by the third warning, the restaurant would lose its licence and would be forced to be closed for three days each week. 

99% of local political representatives voted for agreement in Erzsébetváros. The residents of the district and Budapest would be informed about the arranged changes soon. 

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