man falls into danube

A man fell into the Danube from the Petőfi Bridge on March 23. Luckily for him, the Budapest water police lifted the 29-year-old man out of the drifting river.

The police received a call on March 23, 2021, at 2:40 pm that a man fell from the Petőfi Bridge into the Danube.

The police shared a recording of the incident:

In the meantime, Bpiautósok received another recording from their reader whose onboard camera captured the fall. The eyewitness wanted to share what and how it happened in his view.

According to the original statement, the man jumped/fell into the water because his phone had fallen and he wanted to act quickly.

“When the incident happened, I immediately jumped out of the car and called 112. The Coast Guard was just practising in the area (not directly under the bridge, but rather in the vicinity of Rákóczi Bridge, that’s why they got there quickly),” claims the reader.

The man was drowning, the drift was very fast, and in 2 minutes, he was already at the A38 ship.

The recording below shows that the man in fact climbed over and did fall over the barrier:


  1. What the government have to do with this?
    If you find reasonable to jump from a bridge for any reason like that, you are really a person with poor ideias.

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