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This year Budapest remained a desirable destination among world-famous celebrities. Some people in the Hungarian capital were lucky enough to meet them and take a selfie. The newest celebrity who is staying in the beautiful Hungarian capital city is Superman himself.

British actor Henry Cavill started his career with supporting roles and appeared in small productions and television series. The breakout of his career was when he portrayed DC Extended Universe’s most powerful superhero Superman in the 2013 movies Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Cavill gained critical acclaim and international fame immediately. He appeared in Mission Impossible’s latest series Fallout.

According to 24.hu, the world-famous actor is spending his time in Budapest. He is making the upcoming Netflix series Witcher, which is the adaptation of the famous computer game with the same name.

Yesterday, he posted a photo on his official Instagram and Facebook account and greeted his international and Hungarian fans. He told his fans that he is really enjoying his time in the Hungarian capital, and the series is going to be amazing and what the audience deserves.

Henry Cavill, Budapest, actor, famous
Photo: www.facebook.com/henrycavill

Several celebrities visited Hungary in 2018 including the legendary Chuck Norris, American actor and icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, British singer, and songwriter Ellie Goulding, American fashion model Gigi Hadid and Australian actress Ruby Rose who is keen on helping the Hungarian healthcare industry.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons by Gage Skidmore

Source: 24.hu

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