Constructions and road works are constant in the central parts of Budapest to form the city into a modern shape. In the past few weeks, a surprising idea came up regarding the budget of the renovation of the Chain Bridge. 

Daily News Hungary reported before that the renovation of Budapest’s iconic bridge cannot wait any longer. It was reported at the beginning of the year that the bridge is in poor condition again. It is not surprising as bridges are usually designed for 100 years, whereas the steel structure of Budapest Chain Bridge was renovated more than 100 years ago. 

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Népszava reported that the original project would include the renovation of the bridge, the Buda Castle Tunnel, Clark Adam Square, Széchenyi Square, and the tunnel of tram line two under the bridge’s structure. It was reported that Budapest does not have the financial background to undertake these works, and although Gergely Karácsony, the major of Budapest, requested more from the government, the cabinet of PM Orbán rejected it. The only remained solution was cutting the project’s budget and the renovation of the Buda Castle Tunnel was removed.

The leadership of Budapest came up with an unexpected idea to decrease the budget which includes bringing the track of tram line two between Eötvös Square and Széchenyi Square (with a similar structure that Kossuth Square has) up to the surface and demolishing the tunnel under the Chain Bridge. 

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After leaving Eötvös Square, the tracks would turn at the building of the Ministry of Interior, heading towards in front of the Gresham Palace (Four Seasons Hotel Budapest), lead straight ahead and connect back to the old tracks by turning at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The tunnel would be demolished or revamped into a pedestrian zone. 


The drawback of the plan includes that the tracks would cross the road leading to the bridge and cause more traffic congestions and slowdowns for the already problematic transportation in the city centre. 

The leadership of Budapest only discussed and examined the plans regarding tram line two but have not decided yet whether to make it real or not. If the plans are accepted, the budget of the renovation of the Chain Bridge would decrease significantly. 

The project was estimated to require approximately 8 to 10 billion HUF (23-29 million EUR) and would require careful and time-consuming work. The government of Hungary originally offered 7 billion HUF (20 million EUR) for the project. 

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  1. The functionality of tram 2 – limited motor vehicle contact nor interruption, at Eotvos Square & Szechenyl Square – thought needs to be Focused on :
    (1) – type of vehicles & other that can use Chain Bridge.
    (2) – what time(s) can they use the bridge
    (3) – maximin weight of vehicles, buses included.
    (4) – extension of cyclists use availability.- less motor vehicles – tourist buses – haulage carries – BUT to encourage Cyclists to use.
    (5) – when to close it completely – NO Motor nor other vehicles – JUST for Pedestrian & Cyclist Usage.
    We should be Focused ground level – terra firma stuff BUT to raise our eyes up-wards and ensure the glorious and historical Chain Bridge is lovingly restored to continue it’s importance to our Capital City of Budapest, Hungary and ensure that it remains an Icon of Europe, that does have a drawing factor majestically inscribed in it’s history, that draws people to want visit Budapest and view – hopefully walk The Chain Bridge.

  2. If you knowingly are going to drive your motor vehicle across the Chain Bridge, in the (12) twelve month period of your annual motor registration period, you need to pay an additional fee for that purpose.
    There would be restrictions on times you could drive your vehicle across The Chain Bridge – as possible in planning it would be closed to all traffic on Sundays.
    Taxis would need to pay additional registration fees for the numbers and frequency they transport passengers in particular across The Chain Bridge.
    Transport as to a weight level of cartage weight & Bus usage especially Tourist Buses – exclude BUs 16, should pay a Toll level fee for use – that could be operated by camera vision of number plates on the bridge and invoiced to companies or owners as recorded on the registration papers of the particular transport or bus, for payment within 14 days of usage.
    If a vehicle commercial private or other has need to use The Chain Bridge – and is not registered by prior arrangement through there registration vehicle papers – these users be charged at the optimum high end range of tolling.
    : Weight and size of vehicles and time usage allocated to them for use is paramount.
    : Time allocation for cyclist is important.
    : Time allocation for total closure of The Chain Bridge making it Pedestrian only is important.

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