Debrecen demonstration
Debrecen, 2019. január 5. Kormányellenes tüntetéses Debrecenben a Piac utcában 2019. január 5-én. MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

The majority of Hungarians does not support a strike and the “opposition pushing their own agenda” in connection with recent labour code amendments, a recent survey by the Századvég Institute published on Friday showed.

The survey prepared in the second week of January showed that 60 percent of Hungarians believe opposition parties and politicians were using the recent protests as an opportunity to push their own agenda.

The majority reject a general strike in connection with the recent amendment of the labour code because it would hinder the operation and peace of the country disproportionately, Századvég said.

Several demonstrations in recent weeks were joined by opposition politicians and parties, Századvég added.

The survey showed that only 31 percent of Hungarians believed opposition politicians were sincere when protesting against the amendment of the labour code.

Only among left-wing supporters were those in majority (53 percent) who believed opposition politicians were sincere when they participated in the protests.

At the same time, 52 percent of centrists and 82 percent of right-wing supporters said the opposition saw the protests as an opportunity to gain power.

A total of 55 percent of people were against a general strike and 40 percent supported a strike as a result of the labour code amendments.

Századvég interviewed 1,000 randomly selected adults by phone between January 7 and 13.

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Source: MTI

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