Budapest, September 28 (MTI) – Two-thirds of the people asked in a survey commissioned by news portal support sealing Hungary’s borders with Serbia and Croatia to halt migrants.

The results of the survey published on Monday show that 31 percent of those asked were against building fences on the borders.

The survey was prepared by Kod Market, Opinion and Media Research Institute by phoning 800 people between September 23 and 26.

Some 86 percent of the respondents who claimed to be right-wing supporters and 63 percent of those who qualified themselves as standing in the centre expressed agreement with sealing the borders. At the same time, only 39 percent of left-wing supporters said they agreed with the fence project.

Photo: MTI


  1. In Watching the refugees, more than half are young able bodied men. Shouldn’t they be at home, fighting for their home and country ?
    If the risks of fighting for freedom and to be allowed to live in peace is not worth it, than how will these people react when their new adoptive country needs them to make sacrifices?
    Western Europe is making a huge mistake in inviting all these moslems and it will pay a bitter price in the years to come.
    Hungary is doing the only right thing it can to stop this madnes by sealing the borders.

  2. Les, true observations! They would rather run than fight for their freedoms the way people in Europe and North America have done. They are only loyal to themselves, will not assimilate so volunteering for service in defence of their new country is not recognized nor understood.

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